The benefits of adding sounds to your drone footage

One of the most recent occurrences in the drone industry today is the number of content creators who are adding sounds to their drone footage. This simple hack almost makes it feel like your drone has a microphone, only you choose what the viewer will hear.

Drones typically do not record audio. If they do, the sound is mediocre because the sound of the props take over the natural ambience. Some drones give you the option to record audio through the remote, but that doesn’t always give you what you are looking for. Sometimes it’s nice to hear the ocean as we fly over it or the birds or swooshes if you pass by something.  But how is any of this possible if drones don’t have mics?

How to add sounds to your drone footage

1. Music

One solution would be to add music to your video. Music usually fills that silence and can even give you a beat so you can cut to different clips. If you are doing work commercially, you want to make sure you have permission to use the music. It’s best to search online for royalty-free tracks or look at websites like Epidemic Sound or Artlist for music that you can pay to license.

Adding different music can change the mood of the video or portray different messages to the viewer. There are so many options out there to choose from. However, one thing a drone lacks over a ground camera is a microphone, so there is no way to add the ambience of the location.

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