DroneDJ’s first impressions of the DJI Digital FPV System

FPV drones have been on the rise the past few years, and there are more instances than ever before where these drones are being used for commercial work. With advancements in tech happening so quickly, how does DJI’s Digital FPV stand up against the typical analog video transmission?

For years, FPV pilots have been flying with an analog si...

New York City Drone Film Festival and AirVuz join forces

The New York City Drone Film Festival has been around for the past five years, showcasing some of the best drone videos from around the world. This year NYCDFF decided to join forces with a large online drone video community, AirVuz, that has also been around for the past five years. With both of these forces coming together, will this create the m...

The benefits of adding sounds to your drone footage

One of the most recent occurrences in the drone industry today is the number of content creators who are adding sounds to their drone footage. This simple hack almost makes it feel like your drone has a microphone, only you choose what the viewer will hear.

Drones typically do not record audio. If they do, the sound is mediocre because the...